Study: Let the grandparents drive

(Photo courtesy Guy Schmidt via Flickr)

D.C. resident Beryl Rice has heard all the stereotypes about grandparents, like how they’re old, decrepit and don’t have fast reactions.

Now approaching 90, she begs to differ – even when it comes to driving.

“I drive slower,” she jokes. “I don't have to speed anywhere.”

And that may be why kids may be safer when their grandparents are driving. Researchers looked at five years’ worth of crash data that included nearly 12,000 children. They found that grandparents were driving in 10 percent of all vehicle accidents but were responsible for only 6.6 percent of the injuries.

Researchers also found that nearly all children were either in car seats or had seat belts on while driving with grandparents. At the same time, they were still less likely to be restrained correctly.