Student found with kill-list at Deale Elementary School

(WJLA, Capital Newspaper) A 4th grade student was found with a hit-list containing the names of 35 students at Deale Elementary School in Anne Arundel County, officials said. The list also included Justin Bieber.

The student was found with the list December 19, said county schools spokesman Bob Mosier.

The list originally appeared to have been marked with the words "kill list," which had been erased and replaced with the words "people mean to me," Mosier said.

Administrators contacted police about the list and took action to address the problem with the student, Mosier said.

The parents of the 35 elementary school students who were on the list were contacted to inform them about the matter, Mosier said.

Ginger Nutwell says she received a phone call last week alerting her that both of her sons were on the kill list.

"[The female student] told my boys they were on [the list]," Nutwell said.

Only the parents of the students on the list were notified.

The female student's troop leader said she was a good student who loved to learn, but was bullied by fellow students at times.

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