String of robberies in Capitol Hill leave neighborhood on edge

A 7-Eleven store was robbed in Capitol Hill Monday morning, the latest in a
string of hold-ups.

In the ANC6B sub-district of D.C.'s Ward 6, robberies have more than tripled over the same period last year, most of which are street robberies.

Monday morning, police responded to a 7-Eleven at 8th and E streets SE shortly after armed masked robbers jumped the counter and robbed the store.

Less than two weeks ago, armed masked men hit a Radio Shack in the same square block.

The ANC commissioners are telling people to be wary and look at different identifying clues, like shoes.

"You can quickly take a hat off," said Jared Critchfield. "If they're wearing masks, it's hard to get a facial description. But shoes are not as easily switched out as a jacket or hat."

Robberies are not new to the neighborhood, but the area is a lot safer than it used to be. However, the spike in robberies has residents and businesses concerned, made evident by the sign a 6B liquor store owner recently posted: "Attention, no masks permitted in store. Period."

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