Snow possible for D.C. metro area

An inch of snow is on the way and could lead to headaches for many of you who will be in your car Wednesday afternoon.

It might only be enough to make a mess, but the snow expected Wednesday afternoon is enough of a worry that crews were salting the roadways earlier Tuesday, just in case.

Potomac resident Ping Hu says when it comes to other D.C. metro drivers trying to navigate through the rush hour slush, "most of them are not very confident.

Officials from Maryland and Virginia say the salt and brine has been laid and the bridges will be the only issue come time for Wednesday's commute.

Matt McElroy, a middle school teacher, says the slushy drive could come early for him.

"It can affect traffic and it can affect the kids who are walking home if its slippery, so there's a chance you could have an early closing," he said.

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