Snow in Silver Spring marks end to warm winter

Photo: Brian Hopkins

Snowflakes were falling in Silver Spring Monday afternoon and firewood and snow scrapers were quickly disappearing as the area's unseasonably warm weather came to a frigid end.

"We saw the snow flakes and got a little excited, but hopefully we can manage," said Montgomery County resident Christina Licorish. "It's definitely cold."

Maryland resident Irina Tashjian didn't mind the cold as long as her son stayed cozy in layers of fleece.

"I think it's good for him," Tashjian said. "As long as he's staying warm."

This air mass is the coldest of the season. Temperatures are expected to tumble overnight. Tuesday will feature the coldest high temperatures of the winter and Tuesday night, the coldest of the season, according to ANC7 meteorologist Doug Hill.

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect through Tuesday afternoon for the western slopes of the mountains and snowfall totals may reach up to a foot in some areas. Alex Liggitt, ABC7's meteorologist, says the main reason is the strong cold front and first real arctic air of the season being pushed south into the mountains.

Paula Kipperman used to live in Russia before coming to Maryland and appreciates the variance.

"That's the beauty of all these four seasons," Kipperman said. "Otherwise, go to Florida. And I can't stand Florida."

The colder temperatures are seeing an uptick in firewood sales. Resident David Fritz came to buy firewood on his day off.

"My wife asked me to come out and get some wood so we could have a cozy evening," Fritz said.

The sudden change in temperature is proving to be a shock to plants that began budding during the warm stretch.

"You can wrap them in burlap so they don't split," said Danette Perez. "Bulbs you can cover with a good mulch. They will harden off and they will come back in the spring."