Singing Texas grocery store employee Saga Devereaux charms customers, colleagues

Devereaux serenades and charms customers daily at his Texas supermarket. Photo: KTAB/CNN

The refrain of Let It Snow, Tom Jones and Lean On Me might not exactly be what you expect to hear near the meat counter or in aisle 1 of your local grocery store.

At a neighborhood market in tiny Anson, Texas, though, it's exactly what grocery customers hear - and love - on a regular basis.

After a 30-year career working for the city of Dallas, grocery store employee Saga Devereaux has been working, charming and singing his way through a Lawrence Bros. market for more than half a decade, KTAB says. He arrived in Anson to visit family a few years ago and never left.

The store's manager, Jimmy Stevens, says that Devereaux's customer service is one of his company's greatest assets.

"From the time he gets here, he's either singing or smiling or talking," Stevens told KTAB.

Most of the customers who come in to Saga's store know him as the singing man and have grown to love his infectious positive attitude.

"He is really cool, nice and very funny," store customer Hannah Sears said.

Devereaux says that being happy is much easier than bringing a negative attitude to work every day.

"You can be happy for free," he says. "Nobody can take it from you."