Severe weather could cause flight delays nationwide

Severe weather could cause delays and cancellations in parts of the country.

With Christmas just three days away, nearly 2.2 million people in the Washington, D.C. area are gearing up to head out of town for the holidays.

However, severe weather across parts of the country could slow your trek down.

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With brutal rain and snow pounding several areas of America, Mother Nature may be trying to dampen the spirit of travelers nationwide.

"We're heading home right away, because it's probably going to get worse," one traveler said.

In Denver, a powerful cold front could dump nearly a foot of snow on the Rocky Mountains, possibly creating flight delays and cancellations for people heading home to or through Colorado.

From there to Montana, gusty winds and snow may make life difficult for those who are driving instead of flying.

And across the deep south, it won't be a White Christmas, but it could be a wet one. Heavy rain is causing flooding from New Orleans to Atlanta, which could wreak havoc on Hartsfield International Airport, one of the busiest hubs in the United States.