San Diego mayor Bob Filner asks for public defense funding, gets turned down

Filner is being sued by an ex-colleague for sexual harrassment. Photo: CNN

Virginia is apparently not the only place where a high-ranking official wants the public to foot his legal bills. In this case, though, San Diego resoundingly said no.

According to CBS 8, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner wants the city's taxpayers to pay for his defense against sexual harassment allegations. Instead of getting funding, though, he got a unanimous vote against his request and a lawsuit.

San Diego's City Council voted 9-0 to file a cross complaint against the maligned mayor, who has been accused by several female employees of inappropriate sexual comments and conduct. The complaint protects the city against any damages it may have to pay out of the lawsuit, which was filed by a a former Filner staffer.

"If (the city) has to pay out any damages related to the mayor's bad actions, we will require the mayor to pay us back," city councilman Scott Sherman said.

Filner says he'll enter behavior counseling for two weeks, but has resisted multiple calls to step down.