Royal Wedding transcript: Lip reader transcribes ceremony (text)

      LONDON (AP) - Tina Lannin, a professional lipreader who was born deaf, caught the private whispers during the royal wedding that television microphones couldn't capture.

      Lannin, who has worked for 7 years as a forensic lipreader for police forces and media outlets with O'Malley Communications, picked out comments from Prince William, his bride and Queen Elizabeth II in a partial transcript. Her assessment couldn't be verified.

      10:20 a.m. - Prince William: "Looking forward to it." To Harry, "shall we go in then?
      Prince Harry: "Sure, everyone has arrived."
      William (to Bishop): "Make sure everything's alright. It's beautiful the way it is."

      10:25 a.m. - William to lady in congregation: "You look very pretty, very pretty."

      10:55 a.m. - Michael Middleton to Kate Middleton as they left hotel: "You okay?"

      11:00 a.m. - Pippa Middleton to sister Kate: "You look amazing."
      Michael Middleton to Kate Middleton as they entered Westminster Abbey: "You okay?"
      Kate Middleton to her father: "Yeah."

      11:05 a.m. - Kate to Bishop before walking down the aisle: "Yes I suppose so ... I expect I'll be worn out today. Thank you."
      Harry to William: "Right, here she is now."
      William to Middleton at the altar: "You look lovely ...(unclear)... You look beautiful."
      William joking to Michael Middleton: "We're supposed to have just a small family affair."

      12:00 p.m. - Queen Elizabeth II to Prince Philip: "It was excellent."
      Prince Philip: "Yes?"

      12:15 p.m. - William to Kate Middleton: "Alright?"
      Kate Middleton: "Yes."
      William: "Wish I was out."
      Kate Middleton: "I'm beginning to find (unclear)."
      William: "Yeah, alright." Hands bouquet to Kate after they climb aboard their carriage, "here you are."
      Kate Middleton: "Thank you."
      Kate Middleton: "Now, are you happy?"
      William: "Yes ... (unclear conversation) ... wave to everybody."

      Outside abbey - queen: "I wanted them to take the smaller carriage."
      Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: "It all went very well."
      Queen: "Very well."

      In wedding carriage - William: "I don't think you should bow quite yet. I think you should just bow your head, okay?"
      Kate Middleton: "Okay."
      William: "I hope I remember ... It's mad, it's mad! Oh my goodness it ... really loudly here (unclear) these people are clapping."
      Kate Middleton: "Did they?"
      William: "I think so. I went out here the first (unclear)."

      In separate carriage - Prince Charles: "Yeah it looked nice."
      Camilla: "Yes, but you have to know how to do it."

      In wedding carriage - Kate Middleton to William: "You look happy."

      1:30 p.m - On Buckingham Palace balcony, Kate Middleton: "Oh wow."
      William: "Alright? You'll be okay?"
      Kate Middleton: "Oh I'm fine, thank you."
      William: "Yeah! Yeah! There's a lot of people down here." To pageboys, "I know but look up there as well." To his bride: "Okay? Look at me, let's kiss, okay."
      William, shouting balcony: "Harry! Your go!"
      Kate Middleton: "What's next?"
      William: "They want more time I think."
      William shouting across balcony, possibly to Camilla: "You could have brought up (unclear) as well."
      Camilla: "Oh, very heavy."
      William: "Just do a bit of everything. Do you like the balloons (unclear) they go up in the air."
      Kate Middleton: "Look at these people."
      William: "I want to see the plane, I think I'm (unclear)."
      William to Harry: "Okay."
      William to pageboys: " stop them coming in here, to stop them coming in this side, I mean it's hard."
      William to Kate Middleton: "One more." The couple they kiss for a second time. "That's it, come on!"