Royal baby already bringing in major money for retailers in Britain

British designer Milly Green is putting her finishing touches on a British tradition. She's already upping production of her royal baby items while England waits with bated breath for a new royal.

Already, Green has produced 8,000 mugs, plates and cups to commemorate the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton's first child, and once he or she comes, production could double.

The world still has to wait as many as a few more weeks to find out what William and Kate will name their baby, who will be known officially as His or Her Royal Highness Prince/Princess of Cambridge.

For Green and others looking to cash in on the mania, though, it's quite the boost to the economy. The UK's Center for Retail Research says that the country will get a $376 million cash infusion from retail sales due to the baby's birth.

"The response to the royal baby has been unbelievable before it's ever been born," Green said. "I think that's a demonstration of how the British public see William and Kate as ambassadors of the UK."