Rosslyn Metro delays: Angry riders take to Twitter to vent frustration

Crowds gather in Rosslyn during Tuesday's major Metro delays.

Wednesday brought about more issues in the same area that Metro experienced significant delays on Tuesday night.

Early Wednesday morning, riders on the Blue and Orange Lines were held up by a switch malfunction near the Rosslyn Metro station.

On Tuesday, a series of incidents and malfunctions led to chaos inside and outside the Rosslyn station, leaving crowds of people not only delayed and stranded but also in distress; the heavy crowds forced the station's long escalators to shut down as well.

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Kyle Curd's commute home was twice as long as it usually is and switch problems near the Rosslyn station this morning meant more delays, making him late for work.

Metro officials met downtown Wednesday morning to discuss the response. At that time of day, the section of Orange Line that was shut down is the busiest in the system, moving 800 or 900 people a train every four minutes, according to Metro.

As the morning went on, social media-savvy riders did en masse what they do best - they took to Twitter to vent their frustrations over yet another extended delay.

Here's what people had to say while they sat on stranded trains or waited for them to arrive at their station.