Rodney McIntyre arrested for murder of his daughter, Ebony Franklin

Sketch courtesy of William Hennessy

Family and friends of victim Ebony Franklin ran from the courtroom as prosecutors revealed the charges against the 17-year-old girl’s biological father.

Court documents state that she was stabbed 15 times and her body left in a trash dumpster in Columbia Heights on Nov. 25, 2010. The documents stated that DNA from the victim’s father, Rodney McIntyre, 45, was found inside the victim.

In court, prosecutors said Franklin was dropped off in Columbia Heights to see her biological father so they could exchange Christmas gifts. A trace of cell phone records, prosecutors said, show that the two communicated with eachother.

Prosecutors said McIntyre admitted that he had his daughter’s cell phone and threw it away. A magistrate, Karen Howze, denied bail for McIntyre Monday because he “is a danger.”

In Columbia Heights Monday, people who have known McIntyre all his life expressed shock and disgust after police reports were released stating that he had a sexual relationship with his daughter Ebony Franklin before he killed her.

"It seems totally out of character,” said Michael Rawlings, a local resident. “He works with kids all the time.”

Even as some urged to 'let the courts decide,' they found it difficult to believe the horrific details police are alleging. Franklin's body was found last November in an alley dumpster in the 1000 block of Fairmont Street in Columbia Heights.

When her body was found on November 29, police said she had been stabbed to death, but they said they had no suspects at the time. Now, police chief Lanier said police have been investigating MgIntyre.

"He was a suspect from very early on in this investigation," Lanier said in a weekend news conference.

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