Rockville Pike road widening project will impact nearby homeowners, some worry

The congested intersection of Cedar Lane and Rockville Pike just north of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is being widened to deal with the influx of traffic. But some Montgomery County residents say the project will have significant impact on their homes.

The number of people stationed at the base has increased by a third and the number of visitors has doubled.

The plan is to widen the road by 25 feet from the military facility's north entrance to Locust Hill Road.

That may mean taking a portion of the access road on which some homeowners live and moving the road closer to their homes.

Residents say the project will do little to improve traffic and will negatively impact their lives.

Gil Tietz has lived in this neighborhood for 35 years.

"It's obviously going to effect my property value but it doesn't get anything done," Tietz said. " It doesn't go up to the Beltway. It goes those two blocks and then stops and these two blocks are where 11 families live and have lived for years."

County officials say the change is critical to improve an already terrible situation.

"It will allow thousands of cars to move from the Navy base across Cedar Lane without clogging that intersection that is one of the worst in the county and probably in the state," said Phil Alperson, BRAC coordinator.

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