Rockville burglaries stretch back to early April

The burglaries have targeted homes in Rockville's Twinbrook neighborhood for more than two months. Photo: ABC7

A Rockville neighborhood has been under siege by a serial burglar over the past two months, and now Montgomery County and Rockville Police are teaming up in an attempt to put an end to it.

The string of at least 20 burglaries, targeting both single-family and apartment homes, began April 11 in homes on or near Twinbrook Parkway. Authorities say they all follow a similar pattern - they happen on weekdays either in broad daylight or during the evening.

In each instance, the burglar is taking anything he or she can get their hands on - cash, jewelry, electronics and anything police say is "easily transportable."

One of the burglar's victims, Rockville resident, Robert Williams, says he had three men's watches taken.

"We came home and the back door had been kicked in," Williams said. "(It) made a mess). My stressed her out."

Despite security lights and other safety devices, residents say the suspect continues to strike. Another victim, Bill Rawson, says his son was robbed of a significant amount of cash.

"They seemed to know he was a waiter, and he kept money in his room," Rawson said. "They took $1,000."

Anyone with information on the crimes is asked to contact (301) 279-8000.