Rick Perry, Herman Cain seek to woo area voters

Herman Cain.

(AP, ABC7) Herman Cain has risen in popularity after entering the Republican presidential race as a relative unknown. Polls show businessman Cain is profiting from Texas Governor Rick Perry's slide.

“This is the only human being that I would drive any distance for and wait in line for,” Mike Weiss of Woodbridge said of Cain.

Cain came to Arlington Friday to sign books at Costco and was met by a mob of reporters and voters. He said voters are looking beyond ethnic lines and lines on the map.

“I believe that my campaign resonates with Northern Virginia and a lot of other areas for one simple reason: if you have a good solution that appeals to people it transcends geography,” he said.

Other contenders were in Washington for the conservative Values Voter summit. Perry spoke at the summit, telling cultural conservatives he's the candidate who will be the best advocate for the social issues they care most about.

Perry said that some of his rivals haven't been as committed to fighting against gay marriage and abortion as he has.

He said that for some, "Pro-life is an election year slogan." Perry is one of seven presidential candidates addressing the conference. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum spoke earlier Friday, and three other candidates are speaking later. Perry's chief rival, Mitt Romney, is to speak Saturday.

Romney made the case for a stronger U.S. economy and military at the citadel in South Carolina Friday.

"When America is strong the world is safer,” Romney said.