Retired Staff Sgt. Joe Hurlbert gets help in return

A crew from Mr. Handyman of Prince William and Southern Fairfax Counties works on Joe Hurlbert's home.

After serving his country for twenty years in the Army - and volunteering in his community for many more - a local veteran found himself in a very tough spot.

This time he was the one who needed help. Today retired Staff Sgt. Joe Hurlbert got one of the biggest surprises of his life.

Today was all about helping a man who has helped so many others during his military career and in his volunteer service.

Recently diagnosed with cancer, the tables turned on Hurlbert and he needed help. The Dale City house he's shared with his wife for 45 years was falling into disrepair.

So Mr. Handyman of Prince William and Southern Fairfax Counties chose this National Day of Service to fix the veteran's house for free.

Michelle Curtis had seen her father sacrifice so much for so long. Hurlbert repaired heavy equipment on assignments all over the world.

"Oh my gosh. My heart was just beating outside of itself just with excitement and joy," Curtis says. "I just love my dad to death. He means the world to me, so this is just an honor."

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