Residents of Aspen Hill apartment building complain of damage, water leaks

Residents of an Aspen Hill apartment complex are upset after finding damage to their apartments.

A woman who didn’t want to be identified says she warned her management office last week that something in her apartment was leaking.

She arrived home to Tuesday afternoon to find her ceiling caved in, gapping holes above water-logged carpets and floors along with destroyed furniture.

"They just told the residents they had to leave and find their own place... cut the electricity off on them,” said Cornell Mickens, the boyfriend of a resident.

In Mickens’ girlfriend's apartment, buckets are catching water with water and tar stains quickly expanding. The ceiling appears about to give way in several places, including her son's bedroom.

Residents said after ABC7 News was notified late Tuesday evening, workers arrived to try to stabilize the problem. Security guards asked ABC7 reporters to leave.

"Once they found out calls were being made to you... action started to occur,” Mickens said.