Republican National Convention crammed into three days

Tropical Storm Isaac has shaken things up at the Republican National Convention. Most of Monday’s events were postponed, so the GOP is cramming four days of events, into three.

An{ }uninvited guest is threatening to overshadow Mitt Romney’s bid moment, but still he says it’s “gonna be a great convention.”

The potential threat of a hurricane has delays the event that will officials nominate Romney for the presidency.

Now it appears Isaac will bypass Tampa. It’s expected to strike further west, somewhere between the Florida Panhandle and Louisiana.

Still, Tampa’s mayor believes the RNC made the right call.

“I think they recognized that while they could probably have gone forward with it, just that minimal, potential risk of sustained winds coming across the bridge and having to refigure the transportation logistics - it was the appropriate decision,” Mayor Bob Buckhorn said.

Isaac battered the southern tip of Florida on Sunday. On Monday, Tampa is expected to see sustained winds of 25 to 30 miles per hours, and one to two inches of rain.

Here's an update on the storm's path:

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Despite the delay, Republicans say the party’s business will still get done.

“It is what it is right? So we're going to tell the Mitt Romney story, we're still going to prosecute the president, on what he promised, what he delivered, and why we think we need to save this country and put Mitt Romney in the White House,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said.

Most of the speakers set to take the convention stage Monday have been rescheduled for late in the week.