Redskins fans turn out for Day One of training camp

Redskins fans line up to watch Day One of training camp. Photo: ABC7

The Redskins are officially back in action. It's Day One of training camp and today the fans got to see the players hit the practice field in Ashburn.

To Redskins fans the man wearing Redskins jersey number 10, Robert Griffin III, is a perfect 10 already--even though he has yet to throw his first NFL pass.

He's the star of the show at training camp.

Angela Donovan, a Redskins fan, says Griffin "gives us hope."

Fans lined up hours early to be among the first ones in to see RG III and the Redskins make their 2012 debut.

George Delgado and his family drove all the way from Kingsville, Texas. He says it took 29 hours.

Two decades have passed since the Redskins glory days under the first Joe Gibbs reign.

In the meantime, it's been a coaching carousel. a revolving door at starting quarterback, and sad seasons.

Followed by more of the same.

But there's nothing like a little triple-digit heat of midsummer to warm up the hope of Redskins fans.

That and a rookie quarterback with a really cool nickname.