Ranking the best diet programs

Consumer Reports has weighed in on the diet debate and crowned a winner.

The consumer magazine has ranked Jenny Craig the best weight-loss program, scoring 85 out of a 100. Slim-Fast, known for its shakes, garnered only 63 points while Weight Watchers scored only 57.

The Atkins, Zone and Ornish diets took up the back of the pack.

Consumer Reports key criteria included the diet’s nutritional value, how much weight loss the dieter experienced, the cost of the plan and the complexity involved in following it – and staying on it.

It was the staying power that put Jenny Craig on top. According to consumer reports, Slim-Fast users had a high drop-out rate while Weight Watchers followers lost less weight than those on other commercial diets. And there's a health concern with regulating insulin on the Zone and Ornish Diets.