Questions arise on eve of Jerry Sandusky's preliminary hearing

Sandusky will face several of his accusers in court on Tuesday.

Former Penn State Assistant football coach Mike McQueary stands as the only adult eyewitness to an alleged attack on a child by Jerry Sandusky.

Yet on the eve of Sandusky's preliminary hearing, questions have arisen about whether McQueary actually saw the incident in the showers, as he told a grand jury, or simply heard it.

A local paper is reporting that a close family friend of McQueary's has testified that at the time McQueary told him repeatedly that he only heard what sounded like inappropriate contact between Sandusky and the 10 or 11-year-old boy.

The actual hearing will be held in the picturesque Centre County Courthouse. It stands at the heart of the town of Bellefonte, ten miles from Penn State.

More than 1,300 people entered a raffle for 200 seats to see the testimony of at least five of Sandusky's now adult accusers. People here say they're eager to hear from the accusers and not just leaks.

"I want the truth to come out and I want the victims protected and taken care of," said Sally Houser, a Bellefonte, Pa. resident.

Not everyone is so eager. It's exam week at the university and many students say their focus is on tests and nothing else.

"I'm just tired of seeing my school being beaten in the news," said Carlita Joseph, a Penn State student.