Prince George's County considers liquor deliveries (poll)

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The Prince George's County liquor board is considering allowing liquor stores to deliver beer, wine and alcohol to their customers' front doors, but at least one council member is already vowing to fight it.

The proposal includes some rules for the deliveries. For example, employees would still have to ask for customer's IDs, and would only be allowed to deliver to the person who placed the order. No deliveries would be made to people under 21.

“It’s convenient. I don’t have to drive to get it, I don’t have to drive anywhere once I drink it,” said Corey Shearer, who lives in College Park.

Several county council members say allowing alcohol deliveries could lead to more trouble.

“I feel like we need this like we need a hole in our heads in this county,” said council member Mary Lehman.

Stores would have to pay $250 annually to get their license renewed.

“Having people deliver it to your doors, you’re just making it easier for the problems that already occur on campus,” said University of Maryland graduate Anwar Taylor.

Alcohol deliveries are legal in the District but illegal in neighboring Montgomery County. The next step for Prince George’s county is a public hearing on June 28.

Tell us: What do you think about the idea?

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