Preston Bryan, boy with cerebral palsy, scores touchdown in youth game

Preston's father pushed him down the field and into the end zone for the score. Photo: WKRN/CNN

(CNN/WKRN) - All Preston Bryan wanted to do was get into the end zone.

Preston, a Tennessee boy who suffers from cerebral palsy, is a member of the Eagleville Junior Football Team near Nashville, but because of his condition, he's not able to actually play.

Recently, though, Preston had a simple request for his mother - he wanted to get onto the field, and he wanted to score.

"He wanted to be able to play with his teammates, and that's not possible normally," his mother, Brandy Braddy, said.

On Saturday, thanks to the help of his team and their archrivals, Preston got his chance to shine. On the first play of the game between Eagleville and Middle Tennessee Christian School, both teams not only allowed him to score the game's first touchdown, they ran with him to the end zone.

"He was so excited, and he told me, 'Mom, I need to do it every week for my fans," Brandy said.

Each team's coaches also joined in the rush for the end zone while his father, Mark Lake, pushed him down the field.

"I told them after I got done that it's hard to hold a football, push a wheelchair and cry all at the same time and know where you are going," he said.