Potential benefits of upcoming new I-95 Express Lanes

New I-95 Express Lanes are coming. Officials released a video explaining their potential benefits. (Screenshot)

(WJLA) - Officials are warning that I-95 is changing, and everyone needs to be prepared - and they're saying it with a new video.

The video features a man who says he commutes from Prince William County, Virginia to Washington, D.C. for work every day. He tries to carpool with co-workers whenever he can, and on days he can't, he likes to use the Express Lanes.

However, the man admits he still has a lot of frustration about his commute with the current HOV system - for example, the famous "bottleneck" in Dumfries when the HOV lanes go away.

Transportation officials say they hope much of that will go away when the new 95 Express Lanes debut.

The new lanes promise to:

• Extend the HOV lanes to Stafford County

• Add new entry and exit points

• Alleviate congestion in Dumfries, Va. by eliminating bottleneck

The new 95 Express Lanes are expected to debut in 2015.

Watch the video above, and learn more about the upcoming new Express Lanes online at

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