Post-Christmas shopping season begins with deep discounts

Shoppers took to Tysons Corner early looking for bargains. Photo: ABC7

If you thought the shopping crunch was over now that Christmas has come and gone, you're wrong.

It was wall-to-wall shopping once again at area malls Wednesday. The day after Christmas has traditionally become the time to take back gifts you didn't like or that didn't quite fit.

The pair of boots Dani Del Risco's mother gave her were just a bit too big.

"I ended up exchanging them...and got two more pair of shoes and only paid like $30 so it was a good deal," Del Risco said.

At the same time, stores who according to experts have been suffering through the weakest holiday shopping season since 2008, are hoping that people begin spending again. According to the Mastercard Advisors Spending Pulse, sales only climbed 0.7 percent year-to-date. They had expected a 3 to 4 percent bump.

To nudge shoppers along, many retailers are slashing prices to get them in the door. It was deals like that, that drove shoppers back to the malls. At almost every store were signs luring customers in with huge post-Christmas bargains.

"For example, two for $12. You can purchase one and then get another item. It's really reasonable and as a mom, that's good for my pocket," said shopper Kitt Lee.

However, some shoppers said that the discounts weren't as deep as expected.

"I love to shop, but it's not as good as I thought it would be," shopper Larry Wilkinson said. "It was pretty easy (Wednesday) but not as busy as I thought."