Police in pursuit of armed suspect hit dog in Suitland

Mack with his friend, Brandie Karis.

One of three police cruisers in pursuit of an armed suspect allegedly hit a dog in Suitland and the officer continued the chase without rendering aid to the dog after it ran off.

Brandie Karis' little dog Mack looks scared. She says he's in pain and he needs surgery for a broken hip.

She says Mack got hurt Wednesday evening when he slipped out of her fenced yard and onto Homer Avenue in Suitland just as three police cars came by.

"The first officer passed my dog, the second one swerved not to hit him, and must have knicked him on the back," Karis says.

The third officer stopped and looked at the little dog as he lay in the street, but when Mack got up and ran off, the cruiser drove away," Karis says.

"I find it wrong that a police of all people would drive by and hit a dog and keep going," she says.

After Karis' story drew some high level attention here at the Prince George's Police Department, it was determined that those three officers were on a call for an armed suspect. They thought they might have knicked the dog,but when the dog got up and ran away they went on to the call.

After they were done with the call they went back to Homer Avenue but they didn't see the dog because the family had already gone to the veterinarian.

As for liability, it's very clear. It's an owner's responsibility to control her dog. That of course doesn't make Mack or Karis feel much better as a $3000 vet bill looms.