Police dog helps PGPD catch man after armed standoff in Lanham

Prince George's County Police rush to arrest the suspect caught by a police dog after a nine-hour standoff in Lanham Sunday. Photo: ABC7

With the help of a trained police dog, Prince George's County Police took a man into custody Sunday after an armed standoff that lasted nearly nine hours.

The man, who police believe was under the influence of PCP, was arrested shortly before 9 a.m. Sunday. Police say he jumped out a back window of the home in the 9500 block of Wellington in Lanham where he had barricaded himself.

Around midnight, neighbors say they heard the sound of glass shattering and they spotted a man with a gun at the home.

"I heard screams from that house,” says Geraldine Acha, a neighbor. “The guy was screaming...shouting...screaming...screaming..."

"We believe he was under the influence of PCP,” says Prince George's County Police Asst. Chief Kevin Davis. “He was acting very erratically."

Investigators say that for the next few hours the man carried out a rampage, destroying the house inside, smashing windows, tossing out TVs.

Police brought in tactical teams and negotiators. Then about 8:45 a.m., the suspect suddenly bolted out of a back window, brandishing a semi-automatic handgun.

"So now what we have is a very dangerous situation, an armed gunman sprinting thru a residential community on a Sunday morning,” Davis says. “It can't get much worse than that."

Police say the man threatened a police officer with a handgun, and the officer fired at him and missed. A police dog chased the man and bit him on the arm, holding on until officers caught up and arrested him.

"He could have broken into another home, threatened a family on their way to church, or grabbed a child," Davis says. “These dogs are heroes in their own way. What this dog did to apprehend this gunman who was on the loose is something we're very proud of."

The gunman was taken to the hospital to be treated for bites to his forearm. No one else was injured, police say.

Police haven't released the man's name. He will face charges, including assault of a police officer.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.