Police costs for Occupy Wall Street protests

The cost of police enforcement for Occupy protests in nine different cities has totaled more than $10.3 million, ABC reports

Mayor Vincent Gray said the District has so far spent more than $900,000 on trash removal, traffic control and the like. D.C. assigns about 20 police officers per shift each day to handle the various protests and marches in the city.

Policing takes up the bulk of the costs at $870,000, according to official figures released Wednesday. Trash and sanitation costs $6,000 and traffic control amounts to $18,400.

On Thursday, Gray said the Occupy DC movement hasn't had a big impact on the city's budget.

New York City alone has spent more than $6 million on costs, not including the eviction on Tuesday, according to Howard Wolfson, the mayor's deputy for government relations.

Reaction on the streets of D.C. was mixed.

"I wonder who's going to pay that? The city doesn’t really have that in their
budget,” said Dawn Hershberger.

"I think that's pretty minor compared to the issues involved that they at trying
to raise and the question of free speech in this country,” said Banning Garrett.

While the city is sending officers from special units to oversee the protesters, Police Chief Cathy Lanier says no officers have been taken off of neighborhood patrols.