People suffering from heat-related issues

This woman was transported from the Mall because of the heat. (Photo: Kris Van Cleave)

People suffering from heat-related issues were taken to George Washington University Hospital Monday night after a sweltering day in the D.C.-area.

At least one person was carried in the arms of firefighters while being rushed to cooling stations. Some youths were part of a band that had finished marching in the parade on Constitution Avenue when they collapsed.

They were taken to a waiting Metro bus set up as a triage station and given oxygen and fluids. Some were put on stretchers and taken to waiting ambulances.

“I figured it'd be hot, but not this hot,” said tuba player Wacey Cox.

D.C. Fire and EMS brought in a bus ambulance for a band from Warren G. Harding High School, in Warren, Ohio. They were the last to finish in the parade and became their own mass casualty incident when at least a dozen students were overcome by the heat.

Band director Rich Rollo said five or six students were taken to a local hospital.

“A lot of them are just dehydrated, some going into seizure, some fainting, there's a lot of problems,” he said.

And it wasn’t just marching bands feelings the effects of the high temperatures. Others used cooling stations like one at 18th Street and Virginia to souse themselves with cold water.

When that wasn’t enough, Engine 25 shot water over the crowd, hoping that people would remain cool enough to keep from going to the hospital.