Pennsylvania teen beaten on school bus while driver does nothing


(WPVI/CNN) - A pair of teenagers has been charged with assault and other crimes in the latest videotaped beating of a young person aboard a school bus.

According to WPVI in Philadelphia, video footage taken last Wednesday on a school van shows two students being harassed, when all of a sudden, one of the suspects punches a 17-year-old peer in the face repeatedly.

The victim ended up with a bloody nose and three chipped teeth; he can later be seen begging the driver to let him out of the vehicle.

That driver, in the meantime, didn't do anything to stop the assault, and authorities only found out about it after getting word that video of the attack existed.

"I have a problem with a grown adult not reporting it," Joseph Bail, the Chester, Pa. Police commissioner, said. "He has a responsibility to inform his superiors and the police of a criminal act."

The driver's inaction in itself is a violation of the law. Pennsylvania statutes require bus drivers to pull over and call 911 for help or report any incident to authorities as soon as possible. By all indications, the driver in this case did neither.

Both of the teens have been charged as juveniles with aggravated and simple assault, making terroristic threats and other crimes.

The video of this attack harkens to another school bus assault that happened in August near Tampa, Fla., where a 13-year-old was beaten by fellow students while the bus driver sat idly by.