Oprah's make-up artists divulges his secrets

Oprah Winfrey has just nine shows left. It’s the end of an era not just for viewers, but also for the man who helped prepare Oprah’s face for the lights and cameras every day.

Reggie Wells did Oprah’s makeup show after show and for eleven years worth of magazine covers. Each time, Wells and the team waited to hear a few simple words from Oprah once she was done with hair and makeup.

“She would say ‘thanks team!’” Wells said. “If we didn't get that ‘thank you, team’ we felt like ok, is the lipstick right? Is the hair right?”

With just days left, Wells looks back fondly on his time making a hard-working woman in television camera-ready.

“When you do it for 21 years you say, oh, it's like having a relationship and it separates,” he said. He's looking forward to making other working women look and feel their best.

One of them is Sheila Stewart, who received a makeover from Wells recently. “This is the best feeling, I love the way I look, I love my nose, my cheeks, my eyes and I learned so many different tricks today on how to apply makeup that I would've never known about,” Stewart said.

Wells has created a new line of cosmetics called "Hissy Fit," a much cheaper alternative to a make-up session with the pro. For a personal session with Oprah’s make-up artist, the charge is about $8,000 per day.