Operation Homefront gives Airman Aaron Becker a new car

Aaron Becker and his wife try out their new car from Operation Homefront. (Photo: ABC7)

Senior U.S. Air Force Airman Aaron Becker is a man of few words, but his gratitude to his corps and Operation Homefront cannot be contained.

Becker and his family were the recipients of a new car on Monday morning from the non-profit that helps military families in need across the country.

The Ford Explorer that was given to the Becker family at Joint Base Andrews was donated by the American Supply and Logistics groups.

"It's nice to have that extra help when you need it," Becker said.

Becker and his wife are expecting a baby girl in June. Before Monday, they relied on Metro, friends, family and co-workers to help them get around. Now, they've got their own set of wheels.

"It has been work trying to get everything organized and ready for the baby, so this is something that is going to help," he said.

Meanwhile, everyone in attendance at the presentation agreed that the gift will get the Becker's on a better road to their future, including the man who nominated them for the gift, Master Sgt. Nathaniel Bridgewater.

"It's imperative that this family gets this vehicle and I hope that with this presentation to him, he's able to pay it forward in the future," Bridgewater said.