Only Brunswick grocery store to close

The Super Fresh store in Spring Valley.

Super Fresh has announced plans to shut down all its Maryland stores, save for those in Ocean City. For the city of Brunswick, that means the loss of its only full grocery store.

Vince St. John works at the Brunswick store, coming in at 4 a.m. to stock shelves. He will lose his job in the closing.

“There's not a lot of jobs around here. It's a small town, very few businesses, lack of transportation for some people, it's going to be tough,” he said.

William Murphy and Dixie Walter live in an adjacent community because they can't drive. The elderly people say they will have to buy groceries from the dollar store now.

“People like me, we need this store. I mean, it hurts,” said Murphy.

“We'll be lost,” adds Walter.

Teacher Scott Tuomey picked up school supplies at the Super Fresh story Thursday for possibly the last time. “I will have to travel to Middletown or plan far ahead to pick up the items I need,” Tuomey said.

Art Howey drives to the Brunswick store form Lovettsville. He says the next closest grocery store is much farther away.

“The closest store for me now is going to be Leesburg, Purceville, or Frederick. So it's going to be twice the distance I have to drive,” Howey said.

“With gas prices going up, that's just another thing,” said Bruce Gourley, who lives in Brunswick.

The owners of Super Fresh stores said only that the Brunswick building is in fact on the market, and if another supermarket chain is interested, it could occupy the space. The owner wouldn’t comment further.