Occupy demonstration targets Congress, supercommittee

(Photo: Scott Thuman/ WJLA)

A small but determined crowd spoke out about the failure of the congressional Supercommittee Wednesday.

Protesters came from across the country – and the Occupy DC encampment - to march to the Capitol and White House.

Protesters came from Key West, Memphis and Illinois to scold the committee for its failure to find a deal to tackle the nation’s growing debt. Protesters chanted inside the Hart Senate Office building and marched past the Capitol.

"With the failure of the supercommittee to come to any reasonable, anything, it’s disgusting. And that is why I'm here this particular week,” one protester said.

Demonstrators presented their own plan to tax wealthy Americans and large corporations more and cut the military budget.

“We have solutions, anybody can come up with solutions as long as you take corporate money out of it,” one protester said.

The supercommittee's failure has re-energized a group that was running out of steam.

The supercommittee's failure to produce a deficit-cutting plan of at least $1.2 trillion after two months of work is supposed to activate the further, automatic cuts, half from domestic programs, half from defense. Combined with the current reductions, the Pentagon would be looking at nearly $1 trillion in cuts to projected spending over 10 years.