Obamas on kiss cam: First Lady explains kiss cam miss

(Photo: ABC7)

First Lady Michelle Obama finally set the record straight on why she didn’t kiss the president the first time on the Verizon Center “Kiss Cam.”

During her latest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Monday night, Mrs. Obama said "I had just walked in and sat down, and I just saw my face on the Jumbotron. And I'm still a little embarrassed. ... I didn't see the 'kiss cam' part," she said.

After the couple was booed, daughter Malia set them straight.

"She was just disgusted with us," Obama recounted. "She said, 'Why didn't you kiss?'"

Then, the 13-year-old said "I've arranged for you to get another chance on the kiss cam," according to the first lady.

Luckily, the Obamas got a second chance to kiss on the cam, and they delivered.