Norwegian man tied to possible summer terror threat, sources say

(Photo: Sean Macentee via Flickr)

The latest threat to Americans may be coming during the London Summer Olympics, sources say.

Al-Qaida has reportedly recruited a Norwegian man to bring down an airplane, with the attack timed to coincide with the upcoming summer games. He reportedly trained at a terror camp in Yemen and, according to varying sources, is in his 30's and has no criminal history.

However, sources say that the suspect converted to Islam in 2008 and was quickly radicalized.

"It's one of the reasons that they, obviously, would prefer to recruit somebody that looked like they came out of the Midwest rather than the Middle East," Rep. Jim Moran said.

One report indicated that any attack could take place during the Olympics for greater effect. Moran says as the plotters get better at beating airport security, we must also improve.

"I know they're doing a lot more things than the public will ever be aware of," Moran said. "Our system that we have right now has kept us safe for 11 years, so I'm pretty confident about it."

U.S. Intelligence has ultimately been successful, but over the years, would-be terrorists such as Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called underwear bomber, have only been stopped by other passengers.

That's why officials continue to plead with the public to report any suspicious behavior. However, since this particular suspect reportedly has no criminal background, he may have a much easier time traveling through Europe and possibly getting into the United States.