Keith Loving shot four times by security guard, police say

(Photo: Sam Ford)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - An armed security guard at a low-income apartment complex in Northeast shot a man Friday morning.{ }

It happened in the Mayfair neighborhood of Northeast Washington. Authorities say Keith Loving was shot four times by a security guard during a physical confrontation.

Loving says he was trying to visit his grandmother at the Mayfair Mansions complex. He says he was once banned from the property, but said the court has since lifted the stay away order.

Loving says as he was trying to leave, he encountered the armed security guard.{ }

“He started chasing me,” Loving says. “First he maced me. When he maced me I couldn’t really see nothing so he was trying to grab me and put me in handcuffs so I pushed him… to get him off of me{ }because I couldn’t see.”{ }

Police sources say Loving tried to reach for the guard's gun during the struggle, but Loving claims he did not.{ }

“He was mad because he maced me and he couldn’t really detain me like he wants to and I ain’t do nothing to him and I am not even barred from their premises,” he says.

Loving fled on foot after being shot, which police say worsened his injuries. He was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

Police say the security guard was taken into custody.