No clear winner day before Iowa caucus

Iowa a day before the caucus. (Photo: Scott Thuman)

Once the frontrunner, now Newt Gingrich admits he doesn't think he'll win Iowa after the "volume of negativity" by his rivals.

But at a campaign event with farmers Monday, he called it a victory he's even still standing.

"But on the other hand, if the Des Moines Register is right, and it's 41% potentially undecided, who knows what's going to happen then?" Gingrich says.

The man whose taken pole position seems to be coasting. Mitt Romney initially made only a minimal effort in Iowa, then opportunity knocked: Suddenly voters were warming up to the candidate they feel is the best suited to beat Barack Obama.

The latest poll numbers show the former Massachusetts governor on top.

"I'm feeling good and the crowds are large and the people of Iowa have really engaged this year,” Romney said. "This is really something."

Rick Santorum is proving you don't need money or a big bus to do well here. He's surging and secondly a second place finish or complete upset, aren't out of the realm of possibility.

"All of these other surges, or whatever you want to call them -- flavors of the month, or whatever the case I'm now being termed as -- came as a result of a singular act or media attention," Santorum said. "This has come about because thousands of Iowans have decided to make decisions about the candidates based on their work and their research, and what they feel is best."

And Ron Paul took the skies Monday, using a charter jet and brought his son, Sen. Rand Paul with him hoping to stave off harsh criticism by his opponents, who call him dangerous when it comes to foreign policy. He, too, could easily take the top spot.

"What's amazing to me is the excitement,” Paul says. β€œThe room is overflowing with people here, and I think we can win. I think there's a real chance we can win.”

Even though he isn't in Iowa, President Obama will host a live web chat with supporters in Iowa Tuesday night as the caucuses are unfolding. On Wednesday, he'll head to Cleveland for an event where he will discuss economics.