NFL ticket prices 2013: $209 is average price for tickets, beer, parking

Photo: Associated Press

Taking in a National Football League game has never been inexpensive, but in some cities, the cost of getting to a game in person is reaching new, prohibitive heights.

On average, a new report says that fans are spending $209 for two tickets, two beers and parking at an NFL stadium; a number that doesn't even factor in food or souvenirs.

The report, which is put out annually by Team Marketing Report, says most of that cash goes towards tickets, the average cost of which has gone up 3 percent since last season.

The most expensive average cost in the NFL in 2013 belongs to the Dallas Cowboys, who charge more than $300 for the two tickets/two beers/parking combo. The New England Patriots and Chicago Bears come in at #2 and #3.

On the flip side, the Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers pull up the rear on the list.