Newt Gingrich makes Rosslyn appearance

On a mission to get signatures and get on the ballot, presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich made a homecoming in Rosslyn Wednesday.

"Once again in Virginia, we're going to disappoint the Republican establishment because tomorrow in Richmond we're going to turn in vastly more signatures than you need and we're going to do it on behalf of the people," Gingrich said.

But this week, the crowds haven't given Gingrich such a warm embrace.

Earlier in the day, Occupy protestors crashed the candidate's press event.

Gingrich is also facing an onslaught of negative ads in Iowa.

He challenged Mitt Romney to have a super-PAC organized by his opponent's supporters pull the ads.

"If you have a super-PAC in your name, you're morally responsible for it," Gingrich said.

His counter to the negative ads, debuting Wednesday, was wishing people a Merry Christmas.

Falling in Iowa, Gingrich holds a five percent lead over fellow front-runner Romney in Virginia.

The former speaker has been slipping in the polls. Ron Paul has been picking up support in Iowa.