New York biker gang assault caught on camera

The driver of the Range Rover was pulled out of his car and beaten in front of his family. Photo: CNN/YouTube

(CNN) - Authorities in New York City are busily searching for suspects from a biker gang that brutally assaulted a man in front of his wife and children.

In a video that has since gone viral, a biker gang can be seen surrounding and following an SUV driving on New York's Henry Hudson Parkway over the weekend in a scary incident of alleged road rage.

The incident began when the driver of the Range Rover, 33-year-old Alexian Lien, attempted to contact police to report the bikers erratic driving on the busy Manhattan street. At one point, a bike slows down and stops the car, which accelerates forward and knocks down several cyclists and their bikes.

As Lien sped away, leaving three cyclists hit and one with a broken leg, members of the angry gang quickly sped up and chased him down the highway. A short time later, one biker is seen trying to rip open the door of the SUV, prompting Lien to speed away again.

Finally, as he pulls off the highway in Washington Heights, one of the bikers removes his helmet and smashes the drivers-side window. Authorities say they pulled him out and slashed him in the face in front of his family.

"One of the bikers got off his bike and started attacking the person in the Range Rover with his helmet," attack witness Christopher Quinones said. "After they got him out of his car, they beat him up."

Police are still trying to track down the bikers and say that no arrests have yet been made.