New Virginia law gives bicyclists an advantage

A new Virginia law went into effect July 1 that allows people on two wheels - such as bicycles or mopeds – drive through a red light with few restrictions.

The new law allows anyone on a motorcycle, bicycle or moped to roll through a red light after they've waited 120 seconds and there's not oncoming traffic.

“I understand why it can be hazardous, but there are times where there are no cars and we're just sitting there waiting aimlessly, so that's good to know,” said bicyclist Angel Stone.

It’s a small victory, two-wheeled drivers say, in a constant battle between those on bikes and those behind the wheel. But some drivers feel it’s putting the brakes on safety.

“It's absolutely a terrible idea, I would never wonder into traffic on foot, if you're on a bike you're moving fast and you're right in front of a driver before he even knows what's going on,” one driver said.

But should an accident occur, the blame would be on the biker.