New Mexico man pays back $40 restaurant tab 15 years later

Claus Hjortkjaer got his money back and then some 15 years later. Photo: KOAT

It may have taken 15 years, but a New Mexico restaurant patron finally paid off his tab.

According to KOAT in Albuquerque, a customer took his date to Le Cafe Miche for a Valentine's Day dinner. Unfortunately, on that night in 1997, the teen patron was $40 short.

At the time, the owner, Claus Hjortkjaer told his customer not to sweat it and picked up the tab himself. Then, last week, that man came back and finally paid him back, as he promised he would that night.

"Sometimes things come back to you," Hjortkjaer told KOAT. "You shouldn't do them for that specific reason. You should just do it because it's the right time and the right place and it just felt good."

The teen came in and handed Hjortkjaer a $100 bill. He still doesn't know the kind customer's name.