New laws 2014: Colorado marijuana rules, higher minimum wages in effect Jan. 1.

(AP/ABC) - With a new year approaching in mere hours, a new round of laws are set to take effect nationwide.

From several states increasing their minimum wage to a relaxation on regulations regarding marijuana, this year's set of new legislation is wide ranging.

Throughout Colorado, police are adding extra patrols around pot shops in eight towns that plan to allow recreational sales to anyone over 21.

At a handful of shops, owners were scrambling to plan celebrations, set up coffee stations, arrange food giveaways and hire extra security to prepare for potential crowds and overnight campers ready to buy up to an ounce of legal weed.

While smoking pot has been legal in Colorado for the past year, so-called Green Wednesday represents another historic milestone for the decades-old legalization movement: the unveiling of the nation's first legal pot industry.

Meanwhile, 13 states across America will bump their minimum wages up once Jan. 1 strikes. Beyond those, some of the new laws take a strange turn.

In Wisconsin, the state is legalizing so-called "pedal pubs," which are multi-person bicycles with a bar mounted on top that takes riders to and from bars.

Further south Illinois, is enacting a law where you can return a pet and get reimbursed any and all vet costs if existing illnesses were not disclosed by the seller.

The Land of Lincoln is also banning tanning for anyone under the age of 17.

Meanwhile, in Oregon, new mothers will be able to legally take home more than their babies. At midnight, it'll be legal for them to bring their placenta home, since ingesting it is known to have positive health benefits after giving birth.