New Facebook features receive widespread criticism

The new changes rolled out by Facebook on Wednesday morning are meeting a mixed and, based on observation from tech experts, negative reaction from users.

USA Today reports that the newest features introduced by the social networking site, including the user's News Feed displaying top stories based on how often you log in and a ticker displaying the most recent activity of your friends, have drawn the ire of a wide range of Facebookers.

"Facebook, you're not near as smart as you think you are," one user said on Facebook's blog introducing the features. By 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the blog post had received about 1,600 comments, the majority of them expressing displeasure at the changes.

Where before users could toggle between a feed showing top news or most recent posts, the news feed merges the two and adds blue triangles to mark top stories.

Facebook says it made the change to help users who visit the site less frequently. It will keep their important stories near the top even if they items were posted a while ago.

Another new feature is called the ticker: on the top right of the screen, it zips through the latest activity of your friends, faster than the traditional newsfeed.

Facebook is expected to roll out more changes at its annual development conference in San Francisco.

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