Nats fans' excitement, playoff hopes soaring

Bryce Harper, left, and Stephen Strasburg are two young phenoms who have helped push the Nats to the best record in baseball.

WATCH: ABC7's Ben Eisler talks with some of the fans about their hopes and dreams for the Nats.

Nationals fever is on the rise at the park. Each game brings them closer to the first playoffs in franchise history.

And tonight they won again, beating the Mets 6-4.

Nats fans piled in early Friday evening for a warm night at the ballpark. This season the team has gone on a tear.

Currently they have the best record in baseball.

Their success has sparked a fierce debate about the future of ace pitcher Stephen Strasburg. The team has indicated it will take him out of the lineup to make sure he doesn't get injured like last year.

But everyone agrees it will be a historic season to remember.