MWAA investigates discarded uniforms

A potential security alert at our regions major airports centers around the discovery of three security uniforms, found in the bushes near an Arlington road.

The uniforms airport workers wear are a tightly controlled commodity. They’re issued when an employee starts and must be returned when they leave the job.

An airport worker's vest was found outside an Arlington bar in Ballston along with three pairs of blue uniform pants and three blue shirts that have a Metro Washington Airport Authority logo on the front.

Some items appear to be brand new while a vest looks well worn. All were found in a clump of bushes outside the Carpool bar in Arlington Sunday night.

“The purpose of those uniforms is to maintain security and identify the people who are supposed to be here,” said John Elliff, an Alexandria resident.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority says they don't know of any missing uniforms and don't why they were apparently discarded.

The MWAA issued a statement saying "we will investigate how these uniforms ended up in this location. A uniform alone does not grant a person access to any secure areas of the airport, including aircraft".

A former employee confirms this. “You got to have that badge with your picture on it and so forth. So uniforms here are just … useless,” said Joe Palmore, who lives in Potomac.

Brian Kalish, the Arlington resident who found the uniforms, mused earlier, “If I put it on – which I did not - I could get into the tarmac's they never check ID's.”

Kalish called the airport authority, but since the uniforms were found away from the airport, it couldn’t respond. Kalish tweeted about his discovery, first thinking the uniforms were from Metro before he realized they belonged to the airports authority.

Both the airports authority and Arlington police have launched investigations to find out where these uniforms came from and why they were stuffed in the bushes.

An array of employees wear the uniforms. They often work in secure areas.

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