MWAA approves Dulles Toll Road increases, doubling tolls by 2015

Traveling on the Dulles Toll Road is already costly. And the price could be going up soon, possibly doubling by 2015.

Wednesday the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority signed off on toll increases.

From $2.25 now, in January it's going to $2.75 and then in 2014, up another 75 cents to $3.50.

By 2015, the one way trip cost doubles to $4.50. That's $9 round trip.

The toll increases are slated to help pay $3 billion of the Metro's new $6 billion Silver Line from D.C. to Dulles Airport and on to Loudoun County.

Officials say the toll increases were expected.

That debt for the cost of the Silver Line will take about 40 years to pay off. So tolls will continue to increase - likely long after the Silver Line is built.

"There's so many people out of work. I think it's terrible. Some people won't be able to get to work," says Jane Flood of Vienna.

"It just seems excessive," says Ashley Szeleskei of McLean. "What else are we going to raise?"