MPD Lt. Kenneth Hargrove arrested for DWI

An MPD lieutenant was arrested by his own colleagues early Saturday morning for allegedly driving under the influence after a dispute in which the officer apparently pulled his gun on a driver.

On Saturday at 3:50 a.m., officers arrested Lt. Kenneth Hargrove on K Street and charged him with driving while intoxicated.

Police sources say the initial call came to police as a "man with a gun," and that Hargrove was in his personal car, allegedly following another vehicle he thought was driving too slowly.

There was an argument and Hargrove allegedly pulled a gun on the other motorist. Someone called police.

Arriving officers immediately recognized the lieutenant who works in the police district. They then learned that the man Hargrove was accused of following was another police officer. Both men were off-duty at the time.

Police headquarters will only acknowledge that Hargrove was arrested for DWI and that the incident involved another MPD officer. A spokesperson said Internal Affairs is investigating.

The case should be an easy one to investigate. The incident took place right by a police department surveillance camera.