Montgomery County plans sobriety checkpoints to combat teen drinking, driving

Teenagers and college students who return home for Thanksgiving often meet and party friends the night before in a tradition known as “black Wednesday”.

“One night they get together and drink,” said Brett Morris, bartender at Bushwaller's.

Tragically, "black Wednesday" Is also one of the deadliest days on the road for teenagers, crash statistics from 2009 show.

‘They're drinking to where they pass out. That's why they call it black Wednesday,” said Caroline Cash, head of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Police in Montgomery County are planning what they call operation "Turkey Chase.” Forty police officers will be on the streets Wednesday to patrol.

Numerous sobriety check points are set up, compliance checks in liquor stores and saturation patrols in areas that have seen many accidents are planned.

Three teens were killed in a car crash in Olney this year after leaving a house party with a drunk driver.

MADD's advice is to designate a driver.